Think. Play. Thrive

A school that inspires young children to think critically, play creatively, and thrive socially.



K-2 Academy partners with proactive parents to equip their children to think, play and thrive with passion


The Think. Play. Thrive.™ curriculum framework is implemented by the K-2 Academy through an integrated, project-based approach adapted to the microschool environment of Kindergarten through Second Grade. Rather than changing classmates and teachers each year, your child benefits from a “looped” academic family that forms a healthy cohesion among peers and teachers.  Over the years, teachers gain a deeper understanding of your child’s academic and social development while attuning teaching to the needs and growth of your child. Age bands of 2-3 years are utilized, as well as clusters of teachers who lead small groups and one-to-one teaching times. Through the K-2 Academy Think. Play. Thrive.™ curriculum distinctives, our teachers target deep generative student learning in conjunction with student acquisition of all Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards.  Motivation and learning principles are primarily rooted in the meta-learning research-based work of the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, while the research-driven academic curriculum is strengthened by the Teachers College Columbia University, Reading and Writing Project and Project Lead the Way (STEM).




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