“15 years from now, 65% of graduates will be going into jobs that don’t yet exist”—Forbes, Mar 8, 2017


K-2 Academy Values


Student Centered

At K-2 Academy, we honor the abilities, interests, and uniqueness of your child while maintaining a priority on their character shaping and academic achievement.  We channel all energies into each child.  Your child will be mutually encouraged while working together with peers to grow and mature at their own pace individually within a collaborative academic family.  We keep your child as our student at the forefront of our leadership decision-making.

Education Quality

At K-2 Academy, our influencers, chief change catalysts, and all who shape the education process of your child are globally experienced educators and experts in their respective education fields. We are committed to strengthening your child for a lifetime of academic excellence. We combine our research driven curriculum and school distinctives with research proven methods of student motivation and learning to yield increased student performance. Rather than a culture of testing, K-2 Academy faculty promote a culture of multifaceted ongoing qualitative assessments.  We monitor student learning and performance through parent feedback, ongoing qualitative teacher assessments in class, as well as K-2 Academy baseline and annual growth assessments. Our mutual investment of targeted time and resources at this critical stage in your child’s life will provide an enduring foundation to build upon for their most productive years to come.

Mission Driven

At K-2 Academy, we are committed to partnering with proactive parents to equip their children to think, play and thrive with passion. We execute our mission in every facet of the life of the school.  The mission is the highest-level measurable outcome of K-2 Academy.  All leadership decision-making and programmatic development has as its final design the advancement of mission.  All performance goals, standardization, monitoring, and evaluation activities are inseparably linked to our mission.

Family Focused

At K-2 Academy, we believe a child’s family is the most crucial part of the educational process. Parents are the critical stakeholders of the K-2 Academy.  Your child’s role as student does not take precedence over their role as child in your family.  We seek to support and strengthen your family in every way possible within our context.  In its service to parents, K-2 Academy combines parent input with its data-driven decision making to inform its programmatic and extracurricular development. K-2 Academy serves and supports independent homeschool families.  Let us know your needs!

Relationship Oriented

At K-2 Academy, we invest in relationships with our K-2 families.  We want our families to know us inside and outside of the community microcosm that we call, “K-2 Academy.” We encourage parents, administration, staff, and faculty to build and enjoy model friendships as critical members of each other’s support team for your child’s comfort, confidence and educational success.

Globally Interconnected

At K-2 Academy, we arouse global consciousness within each child through the cross-pollination of administrative leadership and faculty.  K-2 Academy is connected through leadership mentoring relationships provided to over 20 educational institutions worldwide that offer a variety of thought leading specializations: parent training, character training, and elementary curriculum implementations. K-2 Academy leadership and faculty are mutually strengthened by education experts and master teachers within their field of elementary education from around the globe.