Our Faculty

Our teachers are characterized as “chief change catalysts” on account of the enduring change they inspire and effect while empowering your child to think, play, and thrive with passion.

CHIEF: Our educators are the front line influencers in your child’s life. They are not micro-managed by administration, but rather are given the full range of freedoms necessary to make your child’s learning experience the most impactful, down to the management of their own classroom budget for enhanced teaching quality and student learning. Our highly skilled educators are in direct control of every aspect of the classroom.

CHANGE: Teaching with the end in mind, our educators envision your child walking across the high school graduation stage, getting into the best college, becoming the best in their career field, and then coming back to thank us…after they thank you. Our faculty teach to promote the preconditions for change. They teach to enhance your child’s ability to alter ideas and concepts at each one’s own pace, as they solidify the student’s foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic through expert guidance.

CATALYST: The strategies for engaged learning utilized by our educators are proven motivation and learning principles. Through properly selecting research principles, our experts in learning and motivation will train your child for sustained mental effort and engagement. The catalysts imbue a heightened desire and consciousness for reflection and discovery within your child, not only in class, but in life.

"Specializing in student learning and motivation at the lower elementary levels to cultivate thought leaders and change drivers for a lifetime of global impact."

Core characteristics of our “Chief Change Catalysts”:

  • Missional and intentional. Demonstrate a personal fulfillment and purpose in enabling every student to reach their potential within a mission-driven, highly pro-active, well-supported, and innovative K-2 environment centered our Think. Play. Thrive. curriculum framework.
  • Curious and creative. Demonstrate capacity to respond with curiosity, ask strategic questions, apply past knowledge, pursue new knowledge, and innovate on their practice.
  •  Resilient and ethical. Exhibit self-awareness of thoughts and feelings, models self-regulation, persists through challenges, and acts with compassion and integrity.
  • Leadership and collaborative. Seek understanding through empathetic listening, works interdependently, communicates with clarity and precision, and demonstrates capacity for community building.
  • Critical thinking and self-direction. Practice informed decision-making based on data along with context-specific observations and works with urgency, purpose, and patience in a manner reflective of choice, persistence, and sustained mental effort.
  • Pro-family and child-centered. Genuinely love, show interest in, and care for, children while maintaining trust and a good reputation with each child’s family and community.
  • EQ and inter-culturally competent. Evidence social-cultural adaptability having cross-pollinated and experienced life in global settings or among diverse peoples.


Our Influencers

Chatham Headshotbw.jpg

Daniel Chatham, Ed.D

Dr. Daniel Chatham earned his doctoral degree in education with a focus on organizational performance improvement at the University of Southern California.  He also holds an MBA from Temple University in Philadelphia. His doctoral and professional expertise center in organizational performance improvement and 21st century workforce skill development. As an Adjunct Assistant Professor of doctoral programs at the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education, he teaches economics of organizational change. Daniel has served as a strategic catalyst and change agent throughout his career, within Fortune 500, startup, nonprofit, and educational settings. Applying his financial acumen and background as financial analyst and financial officer, Daniel supplies strategic guidance in the efficient management of financial resources to achieve transformative education performance goals. As an entrepreneur, Daniel exemplifies innovative consciousness in the stewardship of resources and has co-founded four companies in the USA and Turkey: Insighture, LLC., American Advisors, Insighture Media, and Catabatic Industries.

Hannah Lee, Ed.D

Dr. Hannah Lee earned a doctorate in education with focus on educational technology integration from the USC Rossier School of Education and a Masters of Education in Instructional Systems Technology from UNC Charlotte. Her professional concentration is K-12, with emphasis in instructional design. She has a decade of experience as a chief change catalyst for transformed lives within foreign language institutes and primary schools. She also taught Bachelor and Masters courses in Early Childhood Education and International Teaching for the Sahmyook University and Namseoul University. She has strategically applied her abilities as an intern, researcher, and learning consultant at the Center for Teaching and Learning, UNC Charlotte. Though impacting lives in the K-12 sector is her passion, she has also served as strategic change driver on leadership and development projects for Korean Air & Correspondence high school, Samsung Global Marketing Institute, Hyundai & Kia motors, and GS Engineering & Construction.

Victor Koong, Ed.D

Dr. Victor Koong earned a doctorate of education degree from University of Southern California and a juris doctor degree from Rutgers University. His professional and doctoral concentration is on lower elementary play-based curriculum design. He is the founder and managing director of Arts Plus, a dedicated early childhood Eduplay learning institution that integrates “Think. Play. Thrive.” principles located in Hong Kong, China. Victor’s research and curriculum development integrating creative play and early childhood education for meta-learning has propelled Arts Plus to the forefront of high performing elementary schools. Under his stewardship, Arts Plus has expanded operation from Hong Kong to mainland China, Shanghai and Shenzhen.  His education programs have reached more than 8,000 students. Victor also serves the education community as a member of key regional educational establishments covering the field of education research and curriculum development. He is currently a member of the play and playwork committee of the non-profit organization Playright. His earnest contributions in local community extends to providing leadership within several local non-profit organizations such as, Causeway Bay Kaifong Association and Hong Kong Eastern District Junior Police Call.

Brenda Sinclair, Ed.D

Dr. Brenda Sinclair earned her doctorate in education at the University of Southern California and received the dissertation award of merit for her research focused on improving early grade reading instruction in Ghana. She earned her M.S. in International Development Education from Florida International University.  She currently works as a Global Education, Gender and Evaluation Consultant for Global Education Advisors based in San Francisco, CA. She possesses 17 years of experience designing, implementing and evaluating education development projects across the globe. As an education expert, she specializes in early education, and she is particularly passionate about early grade reading. She has participated in early education projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Since 2009, she has been providing USAID, World Bank, UNICEF, DFID, and ministries of education with technical assistance in Early Grade Reading project design, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, and research. Prior to consulting, Dr. Sinclair spent two years in Indonesia, as a Senior Education Advisor of a USAID Life Skills project and four years in Washington, DC working in education program management for Latin America. She has traveled and worked in nearly twenty countries.

Adrian Donato, Ed.D

Dr. Adrian Donato earned his doctorate in education at the University of Southern California and received the dissertation award of merit for his innovation study focused on linking organizational governance and strategic planning processes for student goal achievement.  He is an experienced international consultant to primary, secondary, and tertiary academic institutions. He is a transformational leader who has created sustainable change in domestic and International schools. He taught K-12 for the Los Angeles Unified School District. He earned an LAUSD “Teaching in Excellence Award” for his contagious dedication to modeling a student-centered classroom approach and deep commitment to faculty leadership. His tenacity for improved student learning has motivated his engagement and support roles within multiple international elementary schools in the UAE, Qatar, Hong Kong, South Korea, Honduras, and the USA. He helps others learn from his experiences as a doctoral program faculty member of the USC Rossier School of Education. It has been Adrian’s lifelong joy to stimulate learning and model character while impacting and strengthening young lives. Adrian is delighted at the opportunity to directly support K-2 Academy parents by facilitating the accelerated local and global impact of their future thought leaders and change drivers across our campuses.

John Moran, Ed.D

Dr. John Moran earned a Doctorate of K12 Urban Education & Higher Ed. Leadership from the University of Southern California and a Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His doctoral dissertation is titled: African-American Parent Perspectives on Special Education. He is a transformative education and business leader, who has created sustainable change and excellence in schools, colleges and corporations in the US and China for three decades. John has served as the principal of three schools and the superintendent of two school systems. He has taught at the college level for nine years and has held the position of Associate Dean. He is also a certified life coach. He excels in: strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, team building, business development, program creation, educational innovation, teacher training, student outcomes, diversity in special education, and public/private partnerships.